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The 'appy couple
The Right Honourable Lady Joan and myself on the happiest day of our lives!
(Friday 29th May 1998)

Hello and welcome to Cliff and Joan Lawson's web page.

My day job is designing computer equipment for Amstrad plc and I have a fairly extensive set of pages devoted to those computers here.

When I'm not bit bashing I do other things completely unrelated to computers. In fact, until I got a MIDI synth, I didn't have a computer at home at all (you can have too much of a good thing!). So here are a few links to pages that I find personally interesting because I'm a (bit of a lapsed) pilot and because I own a Yamaha SY35 MIDI compatible synth. I've also included a link to a page about Prickwillow, a pretty village in Cambridgeshire that has family links. But first a page about Finchingfield, Essex because that's where we live...

Finchingfield Our home village
Computer My own PC - a few recommendations
Amstrad My Amstrad PC pages
Jill Lawson My mum's home page
Dougie Lawson My brother's home page
Prickwillow A village with family ties
Kylemore Abbey The school that my wife, Joan, went to.
Mailbank Providers of [firstname].[surname].NET web sites such as this
Visitweb The magical system that can turn into the much more simple !

Various other links I sometime use....
UK Pilot pages
Yamaha SY synthesisers
Scottish Single Malt Whisky
Irish Whiskey
Great Old TV shows
Info on writing web pages

Work in progress Still thinking about this!

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